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Apr 2016

Episode 17 - Erin Krause with Ice Out Cryospa

Justin and I decided to "chill out" with our new friends at Ice Out Cryospa!!

Using a cryosauna, the folks at Ice Out Cryospa help you to recover from muscle tightness, soreness, and fatigue. 

It's a natural way to let your own body to help heal itself simply using the power of the cold!!

If you live or are visiting the Omaha area, be sure to swing by Ice Out Cryospa and please them that the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads sent you!

Check them out here! Cool off with your friends from the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads and Ice Out Cryospa!!

Apr 2016

Episode 16 - These shoes were made for running…but now it’s time to replace them

Falcon Punchites!!! Thunder Dadians!! Hear me!!

You can't run on tired out, busted shoes!! It's bad for your body...which is also your temple!!

Quit making your temple run on crap shoes!!

 Justin and Eddie discuss running shoe replacement and more on this episode!!

Apr 2016

Episode 15 - Justin recalls the Extreme Breakup Adventure Race

Sit back and relax as Justin recalls the trails and tribulations of his most recent adventure race! 

The Extreme Breakup Adventure Race!!

And listen out for a teaser about one of our upcoming episodes!
Apr 2016

Episode 14 - Fitness Fails!!

Join Justin and Eddie as they discuss the times they've shot for the stars and landed on their faces.


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