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Dec 2017

Episode 84 - Goodbye 2017 and Stay Tuned!

A quick farewell to 2017 and a little peek of what we have coming your way soon!

Dec 2017

Episode 83 - Feast and Feathers 2017

Please enjoy as Justin and Eddie share their thoughts and experiences from the Feast and Feathers Trail Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k!!

Nov 2017

Episode 82 - Screen Time

In light of a work place initiative to decresae one's time staring into a computer, television, or cell phone screen, The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads took that chance to look at how many hours a day they spent exposing themselves to the great glass picture box!

How about you? Does looking at the real world hurt your eyes? Do you prefer looking at your friends through Skype instead of in person? Do you tape smartphones to your face so you never miss a thing going on in the virtual world?

One thing is for sure, screens may be great, but the best way to experience the world in its truest form of HD...is to get outside and start living!!!



Nov 2017

Episode 81 - Thunder Dad-ing Ain’t Easy

Please enoy a rare glimse into the world of transitioning from being the parent of a child who suddenly turns into a teenager...as viewed from the eyes of the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads!

Oct 2017

Episode 80 - A Falcon Punch Thunder Dad Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Falcon Punchonians and Thunder Dad-ites!

We talk about how many steps you get while trick or treating with the kids, the best and worst candy, and what to do with candy of unknown origins. All this and MORE on this very special Halloween Edition of Falcon Punch Thunder Dads!


Oct 2017

Episode 79 - North American Adventure Race Recap and A Goadkicker Minute

We invite you to enjoy our newest episode as Justin recalls the events and awesomeness of The North American Adventure Race Nationals, we share some upcoming news, AND a special guest spot from the Goadkicker himself, Mr. Carl D. Smith!

Oct 2017

Episode 78 - North American Adventure Race Series: Nationals

Justin shares his Pre-North American Adventure Race thoughts with YOU!! Stay up to date with his progress on our Facebook Page!

Also, if you enjoy our podcast, please consider rating us under the "podcast" app on your iPhone or through the Stitcher Podcast Radio app on your Android phone!

Thank You!

Oct 2017

Episode 77 - The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads get a little crazy

You demanded it and we listened!

Please enjoy our "just for fun episode" where we share fun stories, and do fake accents. 

Sep 2017

Episode 76 - Nerd Health

On our very first episode with having the "Goadkicker" Carl D. Smith join our podcast, we discuss the topic of "Nerd Health".

What are some of the potential pitfalls and potential bad habits that may develop out of some of the more geekier pursuits in life? What can one do to either avoid these situations or begin the process of turning things around a little?

In this episode we discuss some of those potential situations and how to begin the work of adding fitness into the wonderful world of nerdom!

Sep 2017

Episode 75 - Blue River Adventure Race Recap and MORE!

Justin recalls his adventures on the Blue River Adventure Race and the Falcon Punch Thuner Dads muse on other fun fitness topics!

Sep 2017

Episode 74 - The Blue River Adventure Race and Encouraging Others

On this action packed episode, the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads discuss Justin's newest upcoming race; The Blue River Adventure Race, in Beatrice, Nebraska!!

Also, they discuss the encouraging of other people around you as they take on their own fitness and activity goals!! Whether yell "YOU GOT THIS" at a runner as you drive past them on the way to work, or you spend 3 hours high fiving people at a local adventure race, the encouragement you send out to others is an amazing way to put some positivity back  out into the world!

Sep 2017

Episode 73 - Movin’ Right Along

We decided to stay strapped into "Thunder Dad" mode for this episode as we discussed the most Thunder Dad thing out there; packing your entire family and possessions into a giant truck and moving everyone and everything to a new house!!

How many steps does it take to move your whole life into another home? ALL THE STEPS. ALL OF THEM.



Aug 2017

Episode 72 - Musings of a Thunder Dad: Back to School

As Summertime draws to an end, the Thunder Dads decided to sit down and share their thoughts and musings on what it means and feels like for them to watch their children go back to school!

Please Enjoy!

Jul 2017

Episode 71 - O Comic Con - PWP Live!!

Thunder Friends! The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads were at O Comic Con and not only did we do some epic stuff we got to talk with some epic guests!

After watching the isane fun of PWP Live Wrestling, we sat down with Chris Metry (Chris Havius) to pick his brain about what it takes to be a wrestler for PWP Live!!


Jul 2017

Episode 70 - Omaha Comic Con and Feet on the Farm Adventure Race

Hello Falcon Punch Thunder Friends! Please enjoy our newest episode where Justin shares tales from his most recent Adventure Race and both Thunder Dads discuss O Comic Con!

Jun 2017

Episode 69 - Alien Week!

Please enjoy our special "Alien Week" episode! Alien races, alien workouts, and MORE!!!


Jun 2017

Episode 68 - Summer Thunder Dad Chats

Please enjoy our "easy breezy" episode where Justin and Eddie discuss the joys of Summer when you're a Thunder Dad!

Jun 2017

Episode 67 - Hollie Siegel and Crossfit

Please enjoy a special Criss Cross(Fit) episode where we are joined by not only the co-host of the GeekVice podcast and great friend of the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads, John Golden, but also his (much) better half, Hollie Siegel!

We sit back and pick Hollie's and John's brains about their CrossFit adventure and what lies ahead of them down the road! Please enjoy!

May 2017

Episode 66 - Adventure Race Glenwood! (ARG!)

Falcon Punch-onians! THunder Dad-ites! Lend me your ear! Oh wow, that came right off didn't it?

I'll give it back when I'm done! Listen as Justin shares his tales of the Second Annual Adventure Race Glenwood!! Thrills! Chills! And enough action to make you want to look away! But you CAN'T!!! It's just too cool!

May 2017

Episode 65 - The Lincoln Half Marathon!!!

The Falcon punch Thunder Dads discuss Eddie's completion of the 2017 40th Annual Lincoln Half Marathon!!

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