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Falcon Punch Thunder Dads

Dec 2015

Origin Story

December 20, 2015

So. You want to know how in the heck two totally average dudes became the Falcon punch Thunder Dads? Can you handle the truth?!?!? Well okay, you asked f

Eddie and Justin were discussing how their day to day jobs and rhythm of life basically had them sitting on their butts all day. All. Damn. Day.

So they decided to do something about it. Setting a goal was part of the plan. They picked an Adventure Race hosted by Angry Cow and decided to begin training.

It was then that that it happened. As the two friends left work, it began to rain, the both raced to their cars to stop themselves from getting soaked. But before they made it to their cars, Eddie stopped and observed a long piece of steel rebar laying on the ground. He took this as the perfect opportunity to show off his sweet "He-Man" impression to Justin. Justin (being the smarter of the two) thought this to be a bit dangerous and stupid, but decided to stop and chuckle at Eddie's buffoonery. As Eddie lifted the rebar into the sky he yelled "I have the POWER!!!"

**As luck would have it, as Eddie yelled these word into the sky, a falcon landed on Justin's shoulder at which point that Eddie was struck by lightening. The bolt ripped through Eddie, arced over to the falcon and then through Justin's body. The power and wisdom of the ages coursed through their veins and from that moment on, they knew they had but one mission. To become the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads



** in truth it was at this point Eddie was hit by a car because he was gazing up into the sky. Justin lied to Eddie as he woke up in the hospital as a way of sparing him the embarrassment of his idiocy and motivating him to train harder for their race.