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Falcon Punch Thunder Dads

Mar 2018

Episode 94 - Falcon Punch Thunder Dads: The Lost Tapes

As Eddie, Justin, and Mike (Hi Mike!) go through their Half-Marathon training, Eddie decided to go through all of the old files of Falcon Punch Thunder Dad episodes...and behold!!!! 

He found an old, unpublished episode that would otherwise never have been sent out into the world!!

Enjoy as the Thunder Dads discuss healthy habits, less bad for you adult beverages, and other tips that they are using to live a healthier lifestyle!!

Mar 2018

Episode 93 - Curling Counter Point

Please enjoy as we're joined by superfriend of the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads, Amy Cherko!!

She brings a whole new perspective to the show as she shares the tale of the U.S. Curling Team from this Winter Olympics!

Schooling us in our pre-supposed notions of curling, she drops the icy knowledge bombs as we learn the truth of curling!!


Mar 2018

Episode 92 - The good, the bad, and the lame

With the Winter Olympics behind us, Justin and Eddie discuss the one event that leaves them both a little baffled....

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