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Sep 2017

Episode 76 - Nerd Health

On our very first episode with having the "Goadkicker" Carl D. Smith join our podcast, we discuss the topic of "Nerd Health".

What are some of the potential pitfalls and potential bad habits that may develop out of some of the more geekier pursuits in life? What can one do to either avoid these situations or begin the process of turning things around a little?

In this episode we discuss some of those potential situations and how to begin the work of adding fitness into the wonderful world of nerdom!

Sep 2017

Episode 75 - Blue River Adventure Race Recap and MORE!

Justin recalls his adventures on the Blue River Adventure Race and the Falcon Punch Thuner Dads muse on other fun fitness topics!

Sep 2017

Episode 74 - The Blue River Adventure Race and Encouraging Others

On this action packed episode, the Falcon Punch Thunder Dads discuss Justin's newest upcoming race; The Blue River Adventure Race, in Beatrice, Nebraska!!

Also, they discuss the encouraging of other people around you as they take on their own fitness and activity goals!! Whether yell "YOU GOT THIS" at a runner as you drive past them on the way to work, or you spend 3 hours high fiving people at a local adventure race, the encouragement you send out to others is an amazing way to put some positivity back  out into the world!

Sep 2017

Episode 73 - Movin’ Right Along

We decided to stay strapped into "Thunder Dad" mode for this episode as we discussed the most Thunder Dad thing out there; packing your entire family and possessions into a giant truck and moving everyone and everything to a new house!!

How many steps does it take to move your whole life into another home? ALL THE STEPS. ALL OF THEM.



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