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Aug 2016

Episode 32 - Mini-sode Madness!

Hi friends! 

Please enjoy this mini-episode where we drop some cool things that are heading your way soon!
Such As:
We also have joined The Podcast Arcade! A podcast network that is pretty much one of the coolest group of podcasters you could ever hope to meet! Check them out here!
Aug 2016

Episode 31 - Rock Climbing with Chris Rolling

We have discussed out rock climbing outing in Las Vegas enough now that it was about time we actually had someone on the show that does this sport regularly!


We had the absolute pleasure of having Mr. Chris Rolling on the podcast after we climbed our hearts (and our forearms) out at Approach Climbing Gym!

We had a blast both climbing and having Christ show us the...ROPES!!! Get it...the ROPES!

You're welcome.

Aug 2016

Episode 30 - Crossfit with Nick Boyer

As we get into the various types of workouts that people can go and try out, we were honored to have Nick Boyer as a guest on the podcast and share his personal story of using Crossfit as his personal choice for training and exercise!

If you have any questions about Crossfit, check them out here!
Aug 2016

Episode 29 - Falcon Punch Thunder Chats

Justin and I decided to shelf the "topic of the week" format for a little bit, and bring you more of a "digital journal" style of podcast.

Let us know what you think!!

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