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Jul 2016

Episode 28 - The Cornhusker State Games

Join us as Justin shares us tales from the Cornhusker State Games!!


Jul 2016

Episode 27 - Pokemon GO!!

Justin and I couldn't sit back and have a podcast about fitness and activity with a hint of nerdiness and NOT talk about Pokemon GO!

This little game is sweeping the globe, rapidly catching on as a smash hit and cultural phenomenon! 

Encouraging the player to get off the couch and out onto trails and into parks to explore and find elusive pocket monsters to collect and train to do your bidding!

We even tried it out for ourselves and it's easy to see how it's such a draw for people!


Jul 2016

Episode 26 - Sleeping

Ahhh a good nights rest. Even the most super of us needs to sleep. If you're not getting as close to the recommend amount of sleep in you life as you can then you're sure to feel the affects of it over s hot amount of time.

But after the most insane of workouts or craziness of life's day to day activities, there is nothing like a nice restful sleep.

Jul 2016

Episode 25 - A.R.G. (Adventure Race Glenwood)

Justin shares the stories of amazement of the A.R.G. (Adventure Race Glenwood)!!

He shares the thrills, chills, and spills of helping create and host his first Adventure Race!!

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