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Falcon Punch Thunder Dads

May 2016

Episode 21 - Aquaman Workout!!!

Justin and I discuss one of the activities that somehow we've managed to avoid this whole time!! No not Bear Wrasslin'!! Swimming!!!

Unleash your inner Aquaman!!  Get your Swim on!!

May 2016

Episode 20 - SUPER SECRET EPISODE!!!!!

Well...it's led up to this...I can't tell you anything else..you'll just have to listen to actually believe it.

May 2016

Episode 19 - The trail mix episode

Justin and Eddie decided to dump put the ol' junk drawer and cover a bunch of little topics:

Rollerblading updates, ARG updates, and much much more!
May 2016

Episode 18 - Rollerblades of Glory

Justin and I talk about the subject that we all know you're all dying to hear about.

NO! Not bare knuckle boxing a grizzly bear. 

No. Not greased pig laser tag.

No. Not Extreme curling.

That's right...rollerblading!!

Whether you're an old pro, or just looking into getting started, rollerblading is a great way to add a little something awesome to your exercise or training routine!!

Relive the 90's with your rollerblades and Falcon Punch Thunder Dads!!


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