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Falcon Punch Thunder Dads

Mar 2016

Episode 13 - The Panama Winter Adventure Race as retold by Justin Tallmon

Join us as Justin tells the tale of his and Don's winter adventure race in Panama, Nebraska!

Mar 2016

Episode 12 - Weightlifting Talk with Adam Bauer

Falcon Punch Thunder Dad friends!!!

We finally caught our ever elusive friend Adam Bauer! He's an all around great guy who made the decision to change his life by kicking his lifestyle into high gear and start lifting them weights!!

Adam brings his thoughts and awesome personality to the podcast and drops some sweet knowledge bombs about weights, sleep, diet and the overall change in attitude that comes with adding regular activity to your life!
Mar 2016

Episode 11 - The most buffed and least buffed video game characters

Hello Falcon Punch Thunder Friends! While we dig talking about our fitness goals, challenges, and thoughts on physical activity, we're also a NEEEERDS!!!! (and proud of it)

We wanted to take a pause on some of our fitness talk and ponder a questions that has plagued us for years:

Who is the most buffed and least buffed video game characters?

Well we discuss it and come to no definitive answer at all, BUT we have some fun along the way!

Join us for Falcon Punch Thunder Dads!
Mar 2016

Episode 10 - To Exercise or to train? That is the question.

Justin and I ask the eternal question: Am I training? Or exercising? 

While all training involves exercise, not all exercise is training.
BOOM. Welcome to Falcon Punch Thunder Dads. Serving up a side of philosophy with your nerdy fitness.

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