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Falcon Punch Thunder Dads

Dec 2015

Episode 1 - Trail Running with Amy Cherko

Hello Fitness Nerds! Welcome to a new episode of Falcon Punch Thunder Dads! It may be snowing where we are, but we've got running on our minds!

For many, the winter is a great time to run outside, provided the trails and sidewalks aren't too snow and ice covered.
And for those who despise the colder temperatures, there is always our good friend, the treadmill!
Join us as we sit down and hang out with our good friend and overall awesome person, Amy Cherko!!
She shares her love of trail running with us and drops a few sweet running knowledge bombs on us as well!
She is also the Co-Director of "Feast and Feathers". A trail race held every Thanksgiving to which all benefits go to the Food Bank of the Heartland.
Dec 2015

Episode 0 - The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads Origin Story!!

Welcome to the the FIRST episode of The Falcon Punch Thunder Dads!!! We'll blow your minds (sort of) with the story of our beginning!! Fitness and Activity shared through the eyes of a couple of geeky nerds (or is it nerdy geeks?)!!

Join us on our fitness and activity journey!! You too can be a Falcon Punch Thunder Dad/Mom/Person!!! E-mail us at falconpunchthunderdads@gmail.com and share with us your story/goals and let's roll out!!
Special thanks to Billy Peck for the sweet Falcon Punch theme!!

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